Tower 4 Relief

offers three advanced individually formulated products with a high concentration of Emerald Aloe™ infused with CO2 processed CBD (Cannabis Oil and Extract) and Arnica encapsulated with liposome nano encapsulation.

Targeted release

within the epidermis delivers rapid and extended relief from inflammation, arthritis, skin disorders, sore muscles, body aches, bruising, tendons joints and nerves.

Tower 4 Relief is the result of over 70 years of research and development

and sets Tower 4 apart from all other CBD companies. This gives us a distinct advantage in a non-systemic effective pain relief solution. We are not just trying to capitalize on the CBD craze but truly want to help people.


CBD + Emerald Aloe

Our Proprietary Combination of Emerald AloeTM + CBD + the latest cutting-edge technology sets Tower 4 Relief Spray, Cream and Lotion apart from all other CBD & aloe products anywhere at any price.

ALL ALOE IS NOT THE SAME! With over 180 species and 2200 varieties there are a vast range of healing properties. Emerald Aloe was proven in Clinical Studies to stop skin damage and stimulate your body’s natural renewal process within 30 minutes of application with only a 55% concentration of Emerald AloeTM. Tower 4 Relief Spray, Cream and Lotion each contain the super concentration of Emerald AloeTM the equivalent to 500%.

Our chemist says “it seems Emerald AloeTM works like a catalyst increasing the efficacy of CBD by over 3 to 5 times giving natural relief from: inflammation, itching, bug bites, arthritis, chronic conditions, skin, sore muscles, body aches, busing, tendons, joints, nerves, burns and sunburn.”

CBD/hemp and Emerald AloeTM are both naturally antibacterial, anti-fungal and have antioxidant properties that purge the skin of impurities.

But That’s NOT All!

It seems there may be a link between psoriasis and the body’s endocannabinoid system. Research also shows CBD’s ani-inflammatory effects may be able to help with eczema.

Researchers think it helps by minimizing inflammation, regulating the delicate balance of bacteria on the skin’s surface, and supporting the skin’s protective barrier. It’s even possible CBD could help with acne by regulating the surface-level oil production that causes it.

Bioactive peptides along with ultra-pure botanicals in unique combinations, synergistically promote relief and rejuvenation incorporating nano technology and a micro-emulsion liposomal delivery system. These micronized molecules are used to encapsulate peptides, antioxidants and other ingredients. Because of their small size they can penetrate into the target layers of skin, allowing maximum effectiveness.

It’s this technology that helps with the natural shortcomings of Cannabis Sativa/hemp, which has a large, oily, molecular system, and keeps it on the surface of the skin making most CBD/hemp products ineffective and act mostly a placebo.

Organic Kentucky grown Industrial CBD/Hemp from federally registered, medicinal hemp producers. Every product batch is independently tested, recorded and issued a Certificate of Analysis attesting to ingredient content and purity.

Contains Broad Spectrum CBD Industrial Hemp extracted from the whole plant, keeping more than 80 cannabinoids and terpenes intact. THC is completely filtered from the Hemp Oil distillate. Numerous recent and credible studies from accredited Cannabis research institutions from around the world have shown synergistic effects of broad-spectrum Hemp Oil containing CBD is superior to a single cannabinoid isolate for treating pain and inflammation.

Carefully selected natural emollients bind with the pain receptors to inhibit the perception of pain and itching, and to quickly increase blood flow to muscles, joints and nerves near the skin’s surface.

Skin-soothing Geranium Oil and concentrated Grape Seed Extract are rich in essential fatty acids.

Menthol Piperita Oil enhances healing, an antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory
Calendula, protects the immune system, sooths inflammation, relieves pain and speeds healing
Arnica is often used for bruising, swelling, inflammation, pain, sore muscles, arthritis and other conditions.

Tower 4 Relief

was created and formulated in an FDA approved laboratory in Southern California, with over 40 years of research and development of natural ingredients and the latest in technological advances of nano encapsulation and peptide advancement, following GMP and all regulatory guidelines. No chemicals are used in our products, everything is natural, safe and effective.

We believe in sustainable, honest and accountable practices in our production process.

Clinically Tested.

Our proprietary delivery system, has been clinically tested by a third party, Tioga Research and proven non-systemic (doesn’t enter the bloodstream) for targeted 24 hour relief, yielding consistent results.

An independent study was conducted at StemNext and Tioga Research Studies showing nano spheres permeate the epidermis to reach sensory receptors below the surface of the skin without reaching the dermis where systemic exposure could occur. These studies indicate these products are non systemic. It will not show up as a positive in drug test, nor will one get high from applying the product because it has been tested for no THC. It is a perfect alternative to systemic pain killers.

Tioga Research (Contract Research Organization), Independent Third Party Study. The Tioga Research Study dated December 18, 2018 shows that after 24 hours of initial topical application more than 88% of CBD/Emerald Aloe and Arnica penetrates the outer layer of the skin and remains in the epidermis where unencapsulated free nerve endings are located: More than 10% penetrates to the dermal-epidermal junction; and 1% enters the dermal region of the skin indicating improbably (statistically incalculable) systemic bioavailable (active) for 24 hours. In comparison, there are numerous orally administered pharmaceutical drugs that achieve less than 5% delivered dosage to the point of injury after systemic filtration (kidney).

Non-Systemic The Tioga Study demonstrates Liposomal CBD, Emerald Aloe and Arnica does not absorb into the blood stream and unlikely to interacts with oral drugs or medication. Peptide CBD stays active in the epidermis for 24 hours for longer periods of relief from pain and inflammation.