FDA approved laboratory, Technology, Research and Development, Organic Kentucky Grown, Broad Spectrum

FDA approved laboratory, Technology, Research and Development, Organic Kentucky Grown, Broad Spectrum

Overcoming the Natural Shortcomings of CBD Reading FDA approved laboratory, Technology, Research and Development, Organic Kentucky Grown, Broad Spectrum 3 minutes

Tower 4 Relief is the result of over 70 years of research and development and sets Tower 4 apart from all other CBD companies. This gives us a distinct advantage in a non-systemic effective pain relief solution.  We are not just trying to capitalize on the CBD craze but truly want to help people.

Tower 4 Relief was created and formulated in an FDA approved laboratory in Southern California, with over 40 years of research and development of natural ingredients and the latest in technological advances of nano encapsulation and peptide advancement, following GMP and all regulatory guidelines.  No chemicals are used in our products, everything is natural, safe and effective.

*Technology.  A natural shortcoming of Cannabis/Sativa/hemp is its large oily molecular system, which keeps it on the surface of the skin making it ineffective and act mostly as a placebo.

Proprietary nano encapsulation allows CBD/Emerald Aloe & Arnica to penetrate into the target layers of the skin, allowing maximum effectiveness.

Clinically Tested.  Our proprietary delivery system*, has been clinically tested by a third party, Tioga Research and proven non-systemic (doesn’t enter the bloodstream) for targeted 24 hour relief, yielding consistent results.

An independent study was conducted at StemNext and Tioga Research Studies showing nano spheres permeate the epidermis to reach sensory receptors below the surface of the skin without reaching the dermis where systemic exposure could occur.  These studies indicate our products are non- systemic.  It will not show up as a positive in drug test, nor will one get high from applying the product because it has been tested for no THC.  It is a perfect alternative to systemic pain killers.  

Tioga Research (Contract Research Organization), Independent Third Party Study.  The Tioga Research Study dated December 18, 2018 shows that after 24 hours of initial topical application more than 88% of CBD/Emerald Aloe and Arnica penetrates the outer layer of the skin and remains in the epidermis where unencapsulated free nerve endings are located:  More than 10% penetrates to the dermal-epidermal junction; and 1% enters the dermal region of the skin indicating improbably (statistically incalculable) systemic bioavailable (active) for 24 hours.  In comparison, there are numerous orally administered pharmaceutical drugs that achieve less than 5% delivered dosage to the point of injury after systemic filtration (kidney).

Non-Systemic-  The Tioga Study demonstrates Liposomal CBD, Emerald Aloe and Arnica does not absorb into the blood stream and unlikely to interacts with oral drugs or medication.  Peptide CBD stays active in the epidermis for 24 hours for longer periods of relief from pain and inflammation.

We believe in sustainable, honest and accountable practices in our production process.

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