Overcoming the Natural Shortcomings of CBD

Overcoming the Natural Shortcomings of CBD

With our proprietary technology, micronized molecules and nano encapsulation are used to encapsulate Emerald Aloe, CBD and Arnica. Because of their small size, they can now penetrate the target layer of skin in the epidermis, to synergistically deliver superior relief to sensitive pain receptors, working to soothe and reduce pain and inflammation.

Research Studies

CRO (Contract Research Organization), Independent Third-Party Study. The Research Study dated December 18, 2018, shows that after 24 hours of initial topical application, 88% of penetrates the outer layer of the skin remains in the epidermis where the unencapsulated free nerve endings are located; 10% penetrates to the dermal-epidermal junction; and 1% enters the dermal region of the skin indicating improbably (statistically incalculable) systemic exposure. 22% of total dosage applied to the skin reaches the epidermis where it remains bioavailable (active) for 24 hours. In comparison, there are numerous orally administered pharmaceutical drugs that achieve 5% or less delivered dosage to the point of injury after systemic filtration (kidneys).

Non Systemic…The Study demonstrates Liposomal CBD, Emerald AloeTM, and Arnica do not absorb into the blood stream and unlikely to interact with oral drugs or medications. CBD from the Liposome stays active in the epidermis for 24 hours for longer periods of relief from pain and inflammation.

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